Cái này khi làm Android không thể thiếu

Android Reboot, Recovery Kits

i9000 EzBase Rescue and Recovery Full Graphical HOW To and Tutorial download

i9000 EzBase Rescue with CF Root & semaphore root repacked by slaphead20

i9000 Rescue Kit for i9000 using heimdall packed by ldq

i9000 GB Flash Kit packed by psyqiq

i9000 Darky's ROM Resurrection edition, Guide , Mirror download

i9000 2e Recovery

i9000 Easy Reboot Recovery using ADB to get recovery mode

M110S Repair Kit for M110S

i9001 CMW 5.5 for amss.mbn download.. problems on Odin 4.43

i9001 CWM 6.0 for amss.mbn download.. problems on Odin 4.43

i9001 Touch CWM 6.0

i9001 RZrecovery Not CWM

Galaxy Mini RzRecovery Not CWM

Android Recovery Tools

AndroPlatina Utility

Universal Android Flasher

Android Master v0.2.5

AndroidControl v1.3.1 - control your Android

[MULTI-TOOL] ADB Toolkit - Support For All Devices - Easy Menus - Drivers

i9001 Quick Flasher

WinFastBoot Flash Recovery

Easy Kernel Recovery Flasher

Aroma Installer

SamTool - A tool for Samsung Ace/Gio/Fit/Mini

APK-Fire - tool to add language from 1 rom's apk files to an other

PIT Files i9000 512 Pit / i9000 513 Pit / i9000 803 Pit

M110S Pit / M110S KOR DE09 PIT / M110S Icarus Pit

USB Drivers

(SHW M110S USB Drivers )

(Samsung USB drivers x86)

(Samsung USB Drivers

(Samsung CDMA USB Drivers)

(Galaxy Nexus/Verizon SCH 1515 V USB Drivers )

(Samsung Nexus win 7 Drivers )

(Fascinate SCH 1500 V 1.3.550 Drivers )

(Win 7 V. 1.3.850 USB Drivers )

(ICS USB driver )

( SGH I897 Captivate USB Drivers )

(SPH D700 Epic 4G USB Drivers )

( SGH T959 Vibrant USB Driver )

( SC 02B USB Drivers )
USB Modem Driver
Heimdall (CDC serial Interface Driver)
Google (Android Composite ADB Interface)
Flashing Tools

Odin3 1.0 or here

Odin3 1.3

Odin3 1.85

Odin3 3.04

Odin V 4.38 Galaxy Mini

Odin V.4.43 with AriesVe.ops

Multi Downloader v4.43 with smd

Multi loader V 5.26 with Drivers

M110S Downloader

CheckFuse Downloader V 2.1

Heimdall Suite V 1.3.2 for PC

Heimdall Suite V 1.3.2 for MAC

Formating Tool

Samsung Format Utility

Mini Partition

HP USB Format V 2.06

HP USB Boot utility


SD Formatter

Easy SD Partitioning


Fix md5sum

Managing Tools

KIES (Win XP/Vista/Windows 7) Ver. (17 Jul, 2012)MULTI LANGUAGE For PC

Kies Mini for AT&T, T-Mobile users

Mac OS 10.5 ~ 10.7 Ver. Jul, 2012) MULTI LANGUAGE For MAC

Kies Air for Phone

My Phone Explorer V 1.8.4 download client from Google Play Store


Final GPS Fix

Front Cam Fix

UnLock and Rooters

Free Unlock


Sim Unlock

Root using an App ..use Z4root or here

i9000 Root using update in CWM

i9000 Root from 2e Recovery

Using PC

Unlock Root

One Click Root by Simran

DoomLord V 3 Root

Super One Click V 1.95-shortfuse

Super One Click V 2.3.3-ShortFuse

Root & UnRoot Galaxy ACE Duos

i9001Easy Root & Unroot from Recovery

Galaxy Ace Plus root

Manuals and Guides

Technician Service Manual i9000

Technician Service Manual i9100

Flashing Guide i9300

19300 Service Manual

19010 Service Manual

Samsung Firmwares Guide

MTP device Fix

[HOW-TO]..... android pattern lock!

How to replace USB Connector

How to Make USB JIG

How to Flash a Rom with a broken SD card

How to take SGS apart

How to repair home button

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