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Chủ đề: Made in Việt Nam!

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    Made in Việt Nam!

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    Lần sửa cuối bởi 9 Apple, ngày 03-18-2020 lúc 04:26 PM.

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    Tools User Agent – MOD Media 2021

    Recently, surfing on the community sites, I see that you are having a problem that is not new but not too old and there are brothers and sisters who have this problem all the time, many of you know the cause, but you can handle it. waste time. The rest don’t know where and why is it happening?

    Today, I will share with you the reason why when you go to buy Via and return to login, you will be locked in the form 956 and how to login safely without worrying about the checkpoint of 956.
    This method I have used since a few months ago at the time of login is much easier to eat than now. If you buy a via and change it, it’s easy to get a checkpoint, if you don’t change it, you will worry about being Back via or being scanned via Via. Ok, first I will talk about the reason why there is a checkpoint 956.

    The reason is very simple, please understand this. Via before you log in to use it, that Via or (Personal Profile) was logged on a User Agent Browser – A certain IP range and a fixed time zone.

    When the seller hands it over to everyone, you will log on a different User Agent in a different browser, with a different ip and a different time zone. If in the beautiful case that Via is sold by the seller for 2 3 days and has not run the tool to login, when I receive it, I can log on to another very safe environment without 956.

    And in the case, that Via was just logged a few hours ago and then handed over to you to buy Via, when you log into a new environment, it will be very easy to eat the box ( 956) because of abnormal devices, browsers, ip and time zone.

    Briefly, just understand, a person 1 hour ago was in the Philippines, 1 hour later was in Vietnam, how could such a thing happen. To summarize, the main reason why you have a checkpoint of 956 is that it comes from an unusual conflict in your device, browser, ip and time zone when you login Via.

    Done with the Cause so how to be able to login Via safely, reduce the rate of checkpoint 956, invite you to watch the clip how I Fix Via when I buy it. This video includes my review on how to use Tool Change User Agent. Those who are only interested in Login can watch from 10 minutes onwards.

    Brothers who want to register to use can contact me via Zalo: 0963 95 6336
    Or Inbox me directly via Personal Profile: m.me/ngotrong.huy1

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